The Californios -- Highlighting The Individual Spirit Of California Art

The Californios were a unique and independent breed who settled the golden state. This show features 5 artists who are following their muse and creating distinct art that is reflective of the passion and spirit that is California.

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Show running through May 14th.





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Artist Statements

Mara Raubitschek

Expressionist. Immediate. In the moment. With figure drawing, particularly charcoals, I step into the subject's psyche, feel what she feels, & mark the page. I love the journey, exploratory marks -lines, shapes and tones on paper that eventually build the figure I see in front of me. These are moments I can't duplicate without being there, right then. Often I come back to the pieces after the model has gone to work them a bit, but it's easy to go too far. Take care not to tighten up is my counter intuitive motto. And Sometimes just sometimes, it magically comes together!

Max Redpath-Kennedy

I believe in the power of stories:  I love to read them, listen to them, watch them, teach them, and paint them.  Every time a brave and self-confidant female takes the model stand, she shares her story with her gestures, her presence, her grace, humor, and power.  In my work I strive to honor each model’s story, the history of her genetic code, and the life she is living—her story in paint, charcoal, and pastel.

Jennifer Johnson

Mother, sister, daughter, WOMAN... It's a life of hard work and small comforts and a constant responsibility for the needs of others and easing tired minds. The sensual and the human are not far apart, nor the body and soul separate. We see and touch the spirit in the flesh. Hidden within the troubles and joys of the personal is the core of pure energy, pure life. It is this that consumes us, becomes us, in the fire of the dance.

Blue Reid

My work is conceptual and self-reflective. I use the human heart as an allegory for how we love and relate. My "Arrhythmia Series" has been described as edgy and even creepy but to me they are raw but tender and honest. This body of work emerged within me when on Jan 15th, 2015 my Dad suffered a massive heart attack but miraculously survived by the steady hand of a great surgeon and 6 shiny new stints. A heart Arrhythmia is a heart that beats abnormally or irregularly. I like the way this so easily translates to how humans interact with one another.
Linda Green

For me paint and clay inspire words which turn into poem or story which inspires more work in paint, maybe in clay. I consider myself a process artist. I generally do not have a clear plan for the end result. When I do have something in mind it will often change in response to opportunities that arise out of the process.

I have been working with female figures over the past 20 years. The models used for this series are four of women I have had the privilege to work with since 2011 that embody attributes of the women who have had a hand in molding the woman I am, one way or another.